[Insight-users] ScalarImageTextureCalculator

Zachary Pincus zpincus at stanford.edu
Sat Mar 26 22:47:05 EST 2005


It's extremely unlikely that a file format change *alone* would cause 
the ImageTextureCalculator to fail, since by the time the images are 
read into ITK, the format ceases to matter and they are just bits in a 

So: (1) Are the DICOM images and the JPEG images that you give to the 
ImageFileReaders *identical* ? If they are, have you compared the 
resulting itk::Image files (e.g. by iterating over both simultaneously) 
to see if ITK has read them in identically?

If the DICOM images and the JPEG images that you provide to the 
ImageFileReaders are not identical, then it is very likely that the 
differences you see with the TextureCalculator have more to do with the 
*content* of the images than their file type. Could you describe the 
content of the images that don't work, or possibly send me a copy of 
one of them?

Zach Pincus
Department of Biochemistry and Program in Biomedical Informatics
Stanford University School of Medicine

On Mar 26, 2005, at 1:22 PM, marquis wrote:

> hi all,
> I read images into "short" pixel Type and i am using the 
> ScalarImageTextureCalculator.
> With dicom images, it seems to give good values but with jpegs,
> i got always just 0's and 1's :
> 	calculator->SetInput( image );
> 	calculator->Compute();
> 	itk::VectorContainer< unsigned char, double >::Pointer means =
> 		calculator->GetFeatureMeans();
> 	means->GetElement(0) : always 1  ("energy")
> 	means->GetElement(1) : always 0 ("entropy")
> 	means->GetElement(2) : always 1 ("idm")
> 	means->GetElement(3) : always 0 ("inertia")
> 	means->GetElement(4) : always 0 ("shade")
> 	means->GetElement(5) : always 0 ("prominence");
> I perform no pre-traitement on the images.
> Am i missing sth?
> Thanks
> Samuel
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