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Roxana Racz itkroxyracz at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 24 04:28:57 EST 2005

Hi all ! 
I am using itkOrientImagefilter  to change the   orientation of image volumes ; If I  want to change from RSA to RAI is working ok , but from ASL to RAI  doesn't  ; actually instead of RAI , I obtain ILP ; I studied the code a little and I observed that in function DeterminePermutationsAndFlips(...) , when more than 1 permutation must be done , a cyclic permutation is applied ; 
 I tried to change  the permute order (from left to right ): so instead   
        m_PermuteOrder[i] = j; 
        m_PermuteOrder[j] = k; 
        m_PermuteOrder[k] = i;
I put   :
        m_PermuteOrder[i] = k;
        m_PermuteOrder[j] = i;
        m_PermuteOrder[k] = j;

this way seems to work ok, but I don't think  is correct ; 
maybe I don't use the filter properly ; this is my code :
c3OrientImageFilterType::Pointer m_c3OrientImageFilter = c3OrientImageFilterType::New();
m_c3Image = m_c3OrientImageFilter->GetOutput();
For visualisation (checking the orientations) I am using vtk  (vtkImagePlaneWidget) ;
The version of itk is 2.0
Thank you very much for your help !


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