[Insight-users] Registration based on MovingImageRegion

kavec at messi.uku.fi kavec at messi.uku.fi
Thu Mar 3 16:07:18 EST 2005

Hi Karthik,

Quoting Karthik Krishnan <Karthik.Krishnan at kitware.com>:

> Hi Martin,
> You could do this by restricting the computation of the metric in the 
> moving image region.
> You could use the methods:
> ImageRegistrationMethod->SetFixedImageRegion()
> metric->SetFixedImageMask(), SetFixedImageRegion, SetMovingImageMask()

Thanks for suggessting these methods. I can see them defined as virtual in
ImageToImageMetric class. Is the implementation done so that I can obtain
expected bahaviour, if I call the methods from subclasses of
HistogramToImageMetric, e.g., NMI? In the ITK-1.8.1 this was not possible so I
filed a request of this feature into the ITK bugtracker.

> Effectively the metric iterator iterates over each pixel in the Fixed 
> image that is both the FixedImageMask and the FixedImageRegion specified
> and that also after transformation maps into the mask specified through
> the SetMovingImageMask().
> Thanks
> kk



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