[Insight-users] GDCM: dicom directory and filenames

Mathieu Malaterre mathieu.malaterre at kitware.com
Tue Mar 1 12:01:46 EST 2005


	If you use ctest to run the test you can pass in the '-V' flags to see 
how the test works. For instance:

$ ctest -R GDCMSeriesReadImageWrite -V -N 
        Test project
Changing directory into 
   1/  1 Testing itkGDCMSeriesReadImageWrite

Test command: 

	So you see that the input directory is :


	And the output directory -as you mention- is :


	One of the two test is disable because we cannot create new directory 
(might be fixed in the future). A test assume you have write access to a 
particular directory for writting output images. In this case:


	Now if you would run twice the test specifying the same output 
directory the images will be overwritten. One simple way to solve it 
directly in the test is to use the itksys::SystemTools::Mkdir and create 
a subdir for example:



Li, George (NIH/NCI) wrote:
> Hi, Luis and all ITK users:
> As ITK2.0.0 added the GDCM support, I would like to explore the dicom
> series writer. In the example of "itkGDCMSeriesReadImageWrite.cxx", a
> comment is made, saying that the output file names are exact the same
> as input file names. I assume that it does not include a path in the names.
> Am I right?
> There is another comment related to this subject, saying "For now, you
> cannot create a new DICOM directory, so one of two tests is disabled".
> Do these mean that the input files will be overwritten by the output files?
>  From the code, it->SetOutputDirectory( argv[3] ), where argv[3] seems
> carrying a new directory into the name path. There seems a conflict about
> the new directory.
> I would like to get some helps to clarify this issue, before use it.
> Thanks,
> George
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