[Insight-users] GDCM: dicom directory and filenames

Li, George (NIH/NCI) ligeorge at mail.nih.gov
Tue Mar 1 11:07:19 EST 2005

Hi, Luis and all ITK users:
As ITK2.0.0 added the GDCM support, I would like to explore the dicom
series writer. In the example of "itkGDCMSeriesReadImageWrite.cxx", a
comment is made, saying that the output file names are exact the same
as input file names. I assume that it does not include a path in the names.
Am I right?
There is another comment related to this subject, saying "For now, you
cannot create a new DICOM directory, so one of two tests is disabled".
Do these mean that the input files will be overwritten by the output files?
>From the code, it->SetOutputDirectory( argv[3] ), where argv[3] seems 
carrying a new directory into the name path. There seems a conflict about 
the new directory.
I would like to get some helps to clarify this issue, before use it.
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