[Insight-users] Obtaining shape information from a region

Aster.Wardhani at csiro.au Aster.Wardhani at csiro.au
Mon Aug 22 22:37:33 EDT 2005

Hi Luis,

After I extract a region say using region growing, I'd like to store points that belong to the region's boundary and also points that belong to the internal region's areas. Does that make sense? Does the filter provide a method to return a list of points? Or do I need to do manually interate all pixels in the output image then push each pixel as a point into a list ?



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Hi Aster,

I'm afraid that you question is too vague in
order for us to give you any useful feedback.

Shape analysis is a wide field and you should
usually start by framing the goal/purpose of
your shape analysis task.

Maybe a description of the context of your problem
would help....



Aster.Wardhani at csiro.au wrote:
> Hi,
> I’ve just done some segmentation using connected component filter 
> (region grow with a seed point). What’s the best way to analyse the 
> shape of the region, i.e getting:
> -       its boundary
> -       points that belong to the region.
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