[Insight-users] RE: itk::SparseImage + binary images in general (BUI XUAN Viet)

Robert Maroon robertmaroon at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 6 16:45:48 EDT 2005

BUI XUAN Viet wrote:

1/ Complete "solution" that allows to work with an itk
pipeline and with iterators to access pixels directly.

This would be the ideal solution, as you mentioned.
The question is, is this feasible in ITK? That is, to
create an alternative "Image" type that could work
transparently with iterators such that for most
reasonable algorithms, the "Image" is read from (and,
for some alternative image types, written to)
transparently as an ITK-style raster image.

Besides sparse representations, I also imagine this
could be useful for working with non-raster image
types (e.g., EPS). (Though, of course, a filter
couldn't *write* in a raster-wise manner into a vector
graphic, but the vector graphic could still be used as
an image source.)

Assuming it is technically possible in the current ITK
class hierarchy, the other question would be where to
place the class such that most of Image's methods
would be exploitable immediately and not need to be


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