[Insight-users] itk::MeshToMeshFilter creation

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Wed Apr 6 16:27:48 EDT 2005

Leonardo Florez wrote:
>    typedef itk::Mesh< float, 2 >   InputMeshType;    // NOTICE the 2 !
>    typedef itk::Mesh< float, 3 >   OutputMeshType;   // NOTICE the 3 !
> The difficulty (for what we are trying to do at least) lies in the line
>   mesh = dynamic_cast<const PointSet*>(data);
> that always fails, since somehow this line assumes that the incoming
> mesh (InputMeshType) inherited PointSet can be casted to the outcoming
> mesh (OutputMeshType) inherited PointSet. And for our special (or general?)
> case this assumption will not hold since both PointSets are of different
> type... (VDimension is different).
> Could anyone be kind enough to tell us if we goofed up or if this is
> a design limitation of itk::Mesh + itk::MeshToMeshFilter. If this happens
> to be the case, what is the clean way to get things working ?

This looks like an error in MeshToMeshFilter.  Please report this as a 
bug here:



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