[Insight-users] Watershed from marker

Mr Gaffe lagaffe74130 at yahoo.fr
Mon Nov 8 03:04:10 EST 2004

Hi all,
By initials markers image I mean initials seeds. Is there are no intials seeds or markers the watershed start growing from the local minima of the image, which usually create an over segmentation even if you use a diffusion filter ....The startegy is to impose the minima on the image with your seeds inside and outside your tumor for example.
So, you have two solutions:
1- Impose your minima on your image and use a normal watershed
2- Or basicaly, use a "special" watershed which start growing from the seeds

Luis Ibanez <luis.ibanez at kitware.com> wrote:

Hi Lagaffe,

What do you mean by "Initial Marker Image" ?

Please give us a better description of your problem.



Mr Gaffe wrote:

> Hi all,
> It seems that there is no possibility to do a watershed from an inital 
> marker image ?
> So, the strategy is to impose the minima using the geodesic function and 
> then use the watershed filter ?
> thanks,
> Lagaffe.

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