[Insight-users] Error using ShrinkImageFilter

475126 at unizar.es 475126 at unizar.es
Mon Jul 19 09:54:09 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I want to reduce the resolution of one image in real time aplication, for that, 
I am using "ShrinkImageFilter", in the first execution there aren´t errors, but 
after, I have: 

ExceptionObject caught !
Requested region is (at least partially) outside the largest possible region.

I am looking for this problem in the guide, but I dont understand the use and 
how to use? of the "GenerateInputRequestedRegion()" 
and "GenerateOutputInformation()"
this error is for that? or not?
Could somebody help me?

Regards Dani,

Excuse my english...

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