[Insight-users] Fixing target landmarks

Luis Ibanez luis.ibanez at kitware.com
Tue Jul 13 17:59:45 EDT 2004

Hi Hans,

Please look at the example on LandmarkWarping
available at


It uses a KernelBase transform in order to deform an
image. Since you want to transform a Surface, you
can replace the ResampleImageFilter with the filter



This example reads the positions of source and target
landmarks from data files. The file format is expected to
be simple ASCII as

    sx0  sy0   sz0     tx0  ty0   tz0
    sx1  sy1   sz1     tx1  ty1   tz1
    sx2  sy2   sz2     tx2  ty2   tz2
    sx3  sy3   sz3     tx3  ty3   tz3
    sx4  sy4   sz4     tx4  ty4   tz4

Were "s" stands for "Source" and "t" stands for "Target".

It will be great if you contribute back to ITK the
modified example. That may be useful for other users.

You may also find useful to look at the demo


That compares the multiple implementations of KernelBase
splines in ITK and VTK and visualize the mapped points
with VTK. The following page gives you  an overview of
this demo application


Please let us know if you find any problems.



Hans Wolf wrote:

> /Hi,/
> // 
> /I want to use KernelBase transforms for a surface deformation. How can 
> I fix the target landmarks? Are they fixed by default when setting as 
> parameters the source landmarks? ///
> /Thanks,/
> /Hans/

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