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Mohammed Saleh wael869 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 16 16:19:46 EDT 2009

Dear Dr Kevin
I've seen lueth's work on this link http://www.mimed.mw.tum.de/page18/page18.html ,but as a dentist I think effort should be made to simplify the guiding process of dental implant placement
currently surgical guides are used to guide the drilling process of implant insertion which is pretty much simple and affordable for all dentists it does not need complicated image trackers instead guiding holes are used to help the dentist to apply the treatment plan he made on the computer planning software inside patient's mouth
the procedures required in dental implant software are
dicom image reading (read a set of dicom image images that resemple ct data of human jaw)
tracing a panoramic view of jaw bone 
creating cross sections
planning implant placement on cross sections
viewing 3d data 
exporting stl file format with treatment plan to fabricate the surgical guide
I am very interested in computerized dental implant placement and I have invented a new mechanism for guiding implant placement and applied for a patent 
currently I am using managed ITK and VTK wrappers to create a software using VB.net
does IGSTK have any wrappeers for .net
About the teleconference I prefer to postpone it for a couple of weeks until I finish some work I have
I would be pleased to help in developing IGSTK
Believe me, I think dental implants should be the major concern of IGSTK bacause a lot of implant failures occur due to improper planning
Kind Regards
Dr. Mohammed Saleh
Dentist - Private Practice
130 - Gardens St Office 203
Tel +962788646332

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Hi Mohammed

This is a very interesting idea and I agree that dental implants is a high
volume clinical application. It has not been on our agenda as we have been
focused on interventional radiology, neurosurgery, and other surgical
applications. But I do know that Tim Lueth and his group in Germany did a
lot of work on this topic and may have commercialized some of their work, so
an open source alternative would make sense.

I am the principal investigator for this project and we would be happy to
advise you on using IGSTK for this application, but we cannot do any
development work for you. If it would be useful, I would be happy to arrange
a teleconference with you and some of our developers to discuss further. If
this of interest let me know and we will set something up for next week. It
is very gratifying to us to see people from all over the world trying the
software and this is one of the great benefits of open source, in that
hopefully we can continue to build a community of interested users to share
and contribute to the software.

Best regards

Kevin Cleary


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I think dental implants is one of the most important applications that igstk
should handle
for more information about dental implants you can refer to
recently ct has been widley used by dentists to plan placement of dental
many software has evolved to help dentists in doing so for example
to plan insertion dentist work on 4 views
the first one is the axial cuts which is the direct dicom images reproduced
from the CT machine
on this view one can trace a panoramic view which is a cross sectional plane
passes thouout the jaw bone in a curved pattern 
what happens really is that the dentist draws a curved line (which is not
really curved but a group of points) on the first axial section then an
image is generated by assembling the repetion of this line throughout all
axial sections
the third view is the perpendicular plane over each point of panoramic line
the fourth one is the 3D model
I am currently using VTK and .net to develop a new software

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If you give us more information on specific requirements for your
application, we might be able to help you.


On Sat, Jul 11, 2009 at 4:00 AM, Mohammed Saleh<wael869 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi All
>    I am a dentist from Jordan and I am new to itk and igtsk I think there
is a defect in all dental implant planning software in the market that uses
dicom imaging I need help to start.
> Regards
> Mohammed
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