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David Gobbi dgobbi at atamai.com
Mon Dec 5 18:44:23 EST 2005

Hi Kevin,

I have adjusted and compacted the first chunk of the architecture section,
and now I'm working my way through components.  I added a couple
scribbles to the Introduction, too, but for me the introduction reads very
well already.

 - David

Kevin Gary wrote:

> All,
> Attached is the latest draft of the working IEEE Computer paper. I would
> like to send this in by the deadline extension date we were given (this
> Thursday), and there are a few more things to do:
> 1. Need a summary/conclusion section (KC and KG)
> 2. Need a better figures 1&2 (if at all - can we use 4ViewswCT 
> screenshot?)
> 3. Clean up references and figure captions (KG)
> 4. Select and describe one example application (KC)
> 5. Review Architecture section (DG & LI)
> 6. Open Source sidebar (RA)
> 7. SO Representation brief section description (JJ)
> 8. Requirements wrap-up paragraph (BB)
> 9. Final review, paring down, and submission (KG)
> We are running a bit long still, so in your reviews if there are sections
> that can be shortened/removed, please recommend them to me. Rick, we may
> not be able to fit the open source theme in, but I would still like to
> push it as a possible sidebar topic for the paper when we discuss with 
> the
> editor. I think it is important.
> Thanks!
> Kevin G.
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