[Ctk-developers] Proposal: CTK Hackfest - London - 4th Nov 2013

Clarkson, Matt m.clarkson at ucl.ac.uk
Fri May 17 05:27:38 EDT 2013

Dear CTK Developers

We would like to organise a CTK Hackfest in London, UK.

As a proposal, how about:

Date: 4th Nov - 8th Nov, 2013

Location: Room 2.14, Malet Place Engineering Building, UCL.

Best bet for a reasonably priced hotel: The Tavistock Hotel

Please can people reply to indicate their interest. We have a room booked, and the proposed week is preferable for us as it is a reading week. However, if the date is not suitable for too many people, then maybe we can re-think.

If we get enough people, then maybe we can also try and get a better hotel rate.


Matt and Miklos

Matt Clarkson Ph.D.
CMIC Software Manager
Senior Research Associate
m.clarkson at ucl.ac.uk<mailto:m.clarkson at ucl.ac.uk>
Skype: drmattclarkson

Centre For Medical Image Computing
Tel: 020 7679 0257
Fax: 020 7679 0255
Room: 2.21 Malet Place Engineering Building

Dementia Research Centre
Fax: 020 7676 2066

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