[CDash] [CTest] [Usage] Ignoring coverage line by GCOV_EXCL_LINE

Nikhil Reddy Ramolla rnr1410 at gmail.com
Tue May 26 09:03:53 UTC 2020

Hello, this is my current CTest script for a C++ Project:
gcov) ctest_empty_binary_directory(${CTEST_BINARY_DIRECTORY})
ctest_start(Experimental) ctest_configure() ctest_build() ctest_test()
ctest_coverage() ctest_submit()

The GCC coverage flags are enabled by default in src/CMakeLists.txt.
I see that everything is working as intended, but [GL]COVR?_EXCL_LINE is
not working.
lcov and genhtml are two other tools which are useful to create coverage
report in html, but I want it to submit to CDash instead, as a part of
CDash's coverage.
So I changed CTEST_COVERAGE_COMMAND to lcov and got this eror:
lcov -o /path/to/testThis.dir /path/to/testThis.dir/this.cpp.gcda lcov:
Need one of options -z, -c, -a, -e, -r, -l, --diff or --summary Use lcov
--help to get usage information Coverage command returned: 2 while
processing: /path/to/testThis.dir/this.cpp.gcda Command produced error: 0
>From this it is clear to me that lcov is not intended to use for this case.
But I really want an alternative/patch of gcov which can exclude
Is a solution present for this?
I have already posted in https:// <goog_1415041473>discourse.cmake.org but
got no reply.
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