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Biddiscombe, John A. biddisco at cscs.ch
Fri Jan 31 15:45:02 UTC 2020

>I use the command ‘ctest_upload’ to publish some artifacts from our testing system to CDash.  I think you could do the same for a build log file.

Thanks kt - that's actually not a bad idea. I already upload a notes file with some build settings, I could upload a log if the test has fails, and not bother if it passes. I'll experiment with that.


I have an older CDash server running some build of the old repo

somewhere between the 2.0 and 2.2 releases of CDash. I also have admin
privileges on it and can login to the server it's on with ssh.

If I look at my own user page when I'm logged into it, I have a link
for "CDash Logs" which goes to the "loggingAdministration.php" page,
and it appears to display the entire contents of the CDash log file
within my browser when I click on it. My log is only about 10,000
lines long, and does not have a lot of errors in it.

Not sure if it's still the same with a more up to date checkout / release.

Do you have admin privileges, or access to the server it's running on?

Dave - No I don't have ssh access and I do not see any extra buttons when logged in. I'm running cdash 2.7 (from git a while back, not sure what sha).

I have another problem - which is that one dashboard works perfectly, has been running for a years without problems - the other (plus one I just created to test), will not update and displayes nothing. I see the submit step reports success, but nothing appears on the dashboard.
I recall having this problem before and having to wait a few days after creating one for anything to appear (can't remember what triggered things to magically appear). Any ideas?

Also, it doesn't seem possible to delete dashboards. I have test ones building up and they won't go away. I hope I don't need ssh access o get rid of them.

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