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Biddiscombe, John A. biddisco at cscs.ch
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Thank you for that information. Browsing the dashboards I wonder ...

Are you performing a build step with a custom “code analysis” command, then submitting the results of the build step to a special Track - called scan-build - that’s what I am guessing is going on. If that is the case - yes perfect - it would be fine to do that (maybe not as nice as a column, but I’ll take what’s on offer if it requires no work!).

Would it be too much to ask if you can point me to a cmake example that I can copy’n’paste to try it out without getting it wrong the first few time?



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Hello list

I have been playing with the python github module that allows you to fetch PR’s and using it to trigger builds on different machines here at CSCS and then display the results back on the dashboard. It works very nicely - but one nice feature would be the ability to add a column to the dashboard to show a clang-format/inspect type test that runs before doing the builds, so that I can fail a PR if the code style is bad.

This can be made into a test, but we usually run it as a pre-build/test step so that devs can fix that suff immediately instead of waiting N hours for all the other stuff to finish.

Can it be done? (adding a new column)

Adding arbitrary new columns isn't currently feasible in CDash, but we do use static analysis tools on our codebases and display the results on the dashboard.  We typically accomplish this as a build step (rather than a test).

Here's an example of some warnings from include-what-you-use:

And here's an example of scan-build reporting some errors:

We'd be happy to help you get something like this set up if this looks promising to you.
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