[CDash] Installing and Setting up CDash/Postgresql

Zack Galbreath zack.galbreath at kitware.com
Thu Feb 25 15:28:20 UTC 2016

Hey Andrew,

Thanks for slogging through this.  As you noticed, our postgres support is
currently broken.  Apparently our automated nightly test of this
configuration was stuck on an old commit.  I'm working on restoring
postgres support now.  I'll send a follow-up email here when the release
branch is back in good shape.

On Thu, Feb 25, 2016 at 1:36 AM, Andrew Maclean <andrew.amaclean at gmail.com>

> Looking at the documentation in:
> http://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.0/static/ddl-constraints.html
> It seems that "Adding a unique constraint will automatically create a
> unique btree index on the column or group of columns used in the
> constraint." so that line is not needed in Postgresql.

Thanks for the tip!

> Is this a safe thing to do?
> When you read on there is this paragraph:
> "In general, a unique constraint is violated when there is more than one
> row in the table where the values of all of the columns included in the
> constraint are equal. However, two null values are not considered equal in
> this comparison. That means even in the presence of a unique constraint it
> is possible to store duplicate rows that contain a null value in at least
> one of the constrained columns. This behavior conforms to the SQL standard,
> but we have heard that other SQL databases might not follow this rule. So
> be careful when developing applications that are intended to be portable."

The uuid field is setup to be NOT NULL, so hopefully this gotcha won't
impact our particular use of the unique constraint.
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