[Cdash] Problems e-mailing users about problems in builds

Kristofer Tingdahl kristofer.tingdahl at dgbes.com
Fri May 15 14:24:35 UTC 2015


I have a CI which is reporting into a dashboard, and I want my users to get
an e-mail if they are causing a problem. The problem is that I cannot get
it working.

I have polluted cdash with add_log to understand what is happening. It
turns out that the SQL query in NNN, for instance:

SELECT author,email,committeremail FROM updatefile AS uf,build2update AS
b2u WHERE b2u.updateid=uf.updateid AND b2u.buildid='65962'

does never return anything. It turns out that the insert into the
"build2update" that associates the buildid with the update id comes later,
and at that point, no-one is checking if there should be e-mails sent.

>From the ctest side, I see from the log that it alsways sends the Build
first, followed by the Configure, and last the Update xml files. Since the
insert into build2update comes at when the update is submitted, I tried to
reverse the order by having ctest_sumbit (PART ... ), but then I get
different build-numbers.

Any ideas on how to proceed?

- Kristofer

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