[Cdash] proposed patches

David Cole dlrdave at aol.com
Wed Mar 19 17:44:29 UTC 2014

OK -- so the latest Experimental build is much better:


Only 1 test failure, instead of 4... The 1 remaining test failure is 
still a mystery to me, and I am working on tracking it down and 
eliminating it..... But in the meantime, my proposed patch series gives 
consistent results repeatedly. Many of the previously intermittently 
failing tests are now passing over and over again. And the 1 test 
failure is consistent and always fails on this machine. (I had a series 
of submissions back when I was first working on this stuff to prove 

So --- what do you think? Shall I apply the patches and push them to 
svn trunk?

David C.

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My patch file #5 still had "return unlink" lines at the top of the two
unlink wrappers. Which means they're essentially equivalent to raw
unlink calls, and that resulted in these 4 test failures on the
Experimental dashboard I just submitted:


The new patch #5 file is now attached here..... and I'll re-run another
Experimental to prove that some of these tests are now fixed with the
test suite unlink wrapper.

I'll reply again with those results soon.

David C.

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From: David Cole <dlrdave at aol.com>
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Subject: [Cdash] proposed patches

Hi there,

I have a series of patches that will fix most but not quite all of the
long-standing issues on the CDash dashboard client

I've attached them as git format-patch output... 7 files altogether.
Please take a look and let me know if you think they're suitable to
push to svn trunk.

I am running an Experimental dashboard on the machine now, and can
point to the results shortly. The dashboard will be using a CDash
source tree equivalent to svn r3435 plus the 7 patches applied on top
of it.

David Cole

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