[Cdash] Empty content for some tests - probably bad BS character in the output - [NON-XML-CHAR-0x8]

Julien Jomier julien.jomier at kitware.com
Mon Jun 23 09:51:42 UTC 2014

Hi JP,

Can you try to install the new release of CDash 2.2.2?



On 23/06/2014 11:46, Juan Pablo Hernandez Vogt wrote:
> Hello people!
> I'm new with CDash. I installed a new cdash (version 2.0.2) in a second
> server and I see that some tests are appears as "empty" when calling
> testDetails.php.
> When I run them manually the output seems to be OK. So, after think for
> a while I print the output as a file and opening in Notepad++ I found
> that some lines have the *BS *character. Only files with that character
> have "empty" output in CDash.
> Looking in the old CDash (version 1.4.9) those "empty" tests are
> displayed correctly, and [NON-XML-CHAR-0x8] is present as equivalence of
> each BS characters that I saw in the output file.
> That character was used in the program to overwrite the output in the
> terminal, so instead to have the evolution of the process line by line,
> only last line is updated and its more comfortable for the user. Result:
> I cannot remove it!
> 1) What is needed to make CDash compatible with this character?
> 2) Could be compression/decompression have something to do? or PHP maybe?
> I cannot see exactly what is the content in mysql because is compresed.
> Test.xml is like:
> <Measurement>
> <Value encoding="base64" compression="gzip">eJztmd(....)====</Value>
> </Measurement>
> Any ideas is appreciated!
> Thanks in advance,
> JP
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