[Cdash] Setting up CDash for testing

Igor Murzov e-mail at date.by
Sun Sep 29 18:35:32 UTC 2013

> The main reason you need to create a database called host, is that, in 
> order to create a database a connection to a pre-defined database should 
> be set. Therefore CDash connects to the PostgreSQL server using the 
> "host" database then it would be allowed to create the database 
> cdash4simpletest.

I think the default 'postgres' database exists exactly for that purpose.
For example, `createdb` by default connects to 'postgres' when creating
a new database.

> Regarding the CDASH_SERVER and CDASH_DIR_NAME, you are correct. if you 
> set them to 'localhost' and 'cdash', the tests will try to connect to 
> 'http://localhost/cdash'. The first test is install a fresh CDash (bind 
> to the cdash4simpletest database) so no particular configuration should 
> be required.
> Let us know if that works for you,

It works. I have only 12/80 failed tests now. Thanks :)

-- Igor

> On 27/09/2013 12:29, Igor Murzov wrote:
> > Hi list.
> >
> > I'm trying to set up CDash for testing, i read wiki
> > (http://public.kitware.com/Wiki/CDash:Testing), but i don't
> > understand how to set up my testing environment properly.
> > In particular the following sentence looks confusing to me:
> > "For PostGreSQL, make sure you create an empty database named
> > 'host' so that CDash can create the cdash4simpletest database"
> > How having database named 'host' will help cdash to create
> > some new database? Anyway, if cdash needs to create new database,
> > should i allow it to operate as postgresql superuser?
> > And how does CDASH_SERVER variable work? If i set it to
> > 'localhost' and CDASH_DIR_NAME to 'cdash', does it mean that
> > i need to have cdash working on 'http://localhost/cdash' ?
> > If so, how it should be configured? Should it be a fresh
> > installation or can i use an existing one?
> >
> > By the way, some failed tests with several 'Unexpected PHP error's
> > are shown as 'Passed'
> >   (http://open.cdash.org/testDetails.php?test=210250451&build=3039546)
> >
> >
> > -- Igor

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