[Cdash] Setting up CDash for testing

Igor Murzov e-mail at date.by
Fri Sep 27 10:29:31 UTC 2013

Hi list.

I'm trying to set up CDash for testing, i read wiki 
(http://public.kitware.com/Wiki/CDash:Testing), but i don't
understand how to set up my testing environment properly.
In particular the following sentence looks confusing to me:
"For PostGreSQL, make sure you create an empty database named
'host' so that CDash can create the cdash4simpletest database"
How having database named 'host' will help cdash to create
some new database? Anyway, if cdash needs to create new database,
should i allow it to operate as postgresql superuser?
And how does CDASH_SERVER variable work? If i set it to
'localhost' and CDASH_DIR_NAME to 'cdash', does it mean that
i need to have cdash working on 'http://localhost/cdash' ?
If so, how it should be configured? Should it be a fresh
installation or can i use an existing one?

By the way, some failed tests with several 'Unexpected PHP error's
are shown as 'Passed'

-- Igor

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