[Cdash] [PATCH] Perforce support for CDash

Igor Murzov e-mail at date.by
Tue Oct 29 11:13:41 UTC 2013

On 28 Oct 2013 13:27:13 -0700 Pedro Navarro wrote:

> Attached are patches, for the latest version of Trunk, to:
>    - Add support to browse a repository/diff using the P4Web tool.
> There is a new P4Web option on the Repository Viewer Type. The
> Repository Viewer URL needs to point to the P4Web host and include
> the P4 depot path. perforce.company.com/depot/
>    - Process daily updates from a Perforce server. Once P4Web has been
>    selected as the viewer tool (CDash should decouple the viewer from
> the VCS type, as one might want to use FishEye to browse Perforce),

+1 to this. I had to patch CDash to make it work correctly with Redmine
and Git.

> We've had this working for a week with no issues, we'll udpdate the
> patches if something comes up.

>   $p4command = $CDASH_P4_COMMAND." ".$root." -L en";

>  $raw_output = `$p4command changes $branch@"$fromtime","$totime"
> 2>&1`;

Can it happen that $root or $CDASH_P4_COMMAND contain spaces or some
other special characters? I think some quoting might be needed here.

-- Igor

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