[Cdash] [PATCH] Perforce support for CDash

Pedro Navarro pnavarro at netflix.com
Mon Oct 28 20:27:13 UTC 2013

Hi all,

We've added Perforce support to CTest and CDash to correctly handle updates
against a Perforce repository and getting a list of commits and committers.
I've separately sent the CTest patch to the CMake developers list and has
been already accepted.

Attached are patches, for the latest version of Trunk, to:

   - Add support to browse a repository/diff using the P4Web tool. There is
   a new P4Web option on the Repository Viewer Type. The Repository Viewer URL
   needs to point to the P4Web host and include the P4 depot path.
   - Process daily updates from a Perforce server. Once P4Web has been
   selected as the viewer tool (CDash should decouple the viewer from the VCS
   type, as one might want to use FishEye to browse Perforce), CDash daily
   updates will be fetched from the P4 Repository with a list of committers
   and their E-Mails. The configuration required in the Project Settings |
   Repository window is:
      - Repository: The command line necessary to get to the server,
      connect and pass a valid client name: Example: -u pnavarro -c
      -H p4server -p 1888
      - Branch: The path specification to get access to the checked out
      perforce branch. It's usually the client name: //cdash_client/...

We've had this working for a week with no issues, we'll udpdate the patches
if something comes up.

Pedro Navarro
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