[Cdash] Can't send Email from failed builds/tests

mista_pink at web.de mista_pink at web.de
Tue May 7 18:12:25 UTC 2013


we are using CDash in our local network. We also want to send mail if a build or test fails but somehow we are unable to get it done. CDash keeps complaining that:

PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: sendEmail in /var/www/html/CDash/cdash/sendemail.php on line 1457

In fact it tries to load something from local/sendemail.php which doesn't exist in the directory (downloaded via SVN trunk and Release 2.0.2 tag). What did I probably miss? I'd appreciate any hint.

Apache: 2.2.15
PHP: 5.3.3 (is able to send mails).


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