[Cdash] [EXTERNAL] Re: HIgh load and stalled submissions

Julien Jomier julien.jomier at kitware.com
Tue Jan 8 17:00:56 UTC 2013

For the MySQL server, you might want to tune your configuration (cache, 
memory, etc.). I usually use the MySQL Tuning Primer Script 
(https://launchpad.net/mysql-tuning-primer), it works pretty well.

This might help. How many entries do you have in the 'build' and 
'build2test' tables?


On 08/01/2013 17:42, Wolfenbarger, Paul R wrote:
> I am using cdash 2-0-2 and mysql version 14.12.  I have made some changes
> to the cdash php code myself, but they are mostly minor ones on the
> display side and almost none on the submission side.  What tuning
> parameters are you thinking of?
> Paul
> On 1/8/13 8:27 AM, "Julien Jomier" <julien.jomier at kitware.com> wrote:
>> Paul,
>> Which database do you use? and which version of CDash?
>> You might need to tune the database performances based on the system you
>> are running CDash on.
>> Julien
>> On 08/01/2013 16:19, Wolfenbarger, Paul R wrote:
>>> Yes I do use asynchronous submissions.  The submissions do come through
>>> after the server load is resolved, but I still get this major lock-up.
>>>    Very confusedŠ
>>> Paul
>>> From: Martin Apel <martin.apel at simpack.de
>>> <mailto:martin.apel at simpack.de>>
>>> Organization: SIMPACK AG
>>> Date: Tuesday, January 8, 2013 7:57 AM
>>> To: "cdash at public.kitware.com <mailto:cdash at public.kitware.com>"
>>> <cdash at public.kitware.com <mailto:cdash at public.kitware.com>>
>>> Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: [Cdash] HIgh load and stalled submissions
>>> Hi Paul,
>>> we switched to asynchronous submissions, when we experienced the
>>> problem. Since then, we never had any issues with this again.
>>> Have you tried setting
>>> in cdash/config.php?
>>> Regards,
>>> Martin
>>> On 08/01/13 15:50, Wolfenbarger, Paul R wrote:
>>>> I have an interesting thing happening on about a monthly basis.  A lot
>>>> submissions to our cdash get stalled, mysql shows a load of 1, and
>>>> response to web page requests gets very slow (on the order of 10
>>>> minutes or better.  I did a search and found a related topic
>>>> (http://public.kitware.com/pipermail/cdash/2011-October/001046.html)
>>>> but since I do not yet have automated removal running (I confirmed
>>>> this in the logs as well) I am not sure what else might be doing this.
>>>>   On 2 occasions, the problem resolved itself and on 2 others I was
>>>> forced to restart the mysql and apache services.
>>>> I did find some issues with my xml submissions which created builds
>>>> far in the future ­ I am fixing those, but I do not expect it to have
>>>> created this type of behaviorŠ.
>>>> Any feedback anyone has would be very useful.
>>>> Thanks!
>>>> Paul
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