[Cdash] Upgrading DB to version 2.2 doesn't work

Igor Murzov e-mail at date.by
Mon Aug 5 11:44:04 UTC 2013

When i go to "CDash maintenance" page and click "Upgrade CDash" button
i get "error Internal Server Error" message. In my PostgreSQL log i see
following error:

 ERROR:  column "buildid" does not exist at character 8
 STATEMENT:  SELECT buildid FROM buildupdate

which i think is coming from 

 // 2.2 Upgrade
   // We need to move the buildupdate build ids to the build2update
   table $query = pdo_query("SELECT buildid FROM buildupdate");

Indeed, there is no "buildid" column in the "buildupdate" table in
CDash-2.0. And i'm not sure what correct table/column it should be.

Btw, why there are no foreign keys in the DB? :/

-- Igor

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