[Cdash] missing entry 'showcoveragecode' in table 'project'

Yngve Levinsen yngve.levinsen at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 12:46:47 UTC 2012

Right, so I noticed that I needed this entry in the table in order for
non-admins to be able to see coverage code. For other potential users with
this problem, the manual commands are (I think this is correct, sql experts
may correct me):

USE <database>;
ALTER TABLE project ADD uploadquota bigint(20) NULL DEFAULT 0 AFTER
ALTER TABLE project ADD showcoveragecode tinyint(4) NULL DEFAULT 1 AFTER

This adds the two missing columns in the table project, one of which was
definitely needed for me.

On 23 November 2012 14:17, Yngve Levinsen <yngve.levinsen at gmail.com> wrote:

> Noticed a new problem after upgrade from 1.8.2. The table project is
> missing the entry 'showcoveragecode'. This has the effect that if I want to
> look at a coverage report, I get the error message 'This project doesn't
> exist.'. Looking at the source I figured out that this was because the sql
> query on line 65 in file viewCoverage.php fails.
> My quick&dirty solution was simply to edit this line and remove the
> showcoveragecode from the sql query. Not shure if this will break something
> else though...
> Cheers,
> Yngve
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