[Cdash] Weekly tests easily overseen

Martin Apel martin.apel at simpack.de
Wed Mar 21 14:26:14 UTC 2012

Hi all,

we are using weekly tests for long-running tests, which can only be
carried out on weekends, not during our nightly builds.
We start these tests on Saturday, but unfortunately test failures are
regularly overseen, because CDash does not show the results
on Monday anymore. The results are available for Sunday, but people tend
to forget, they have to switch back to Sunday to see them.
Is there any way to make test results visible for longer than one day?

I also thought about resubmitting test results every night using a
cronjob, but this would probably require some tweaking of the XML files,
because they contain the build date. Would this be a possibility?

Best Regards,


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