[Cdash] Problem with cdash, subprojects and CTEST_USE_LAUNCHERS=TRUE ?

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Fri Aug 17 17:50:20 UTC 2012

On Wednesday 08 August 2012, David Cole wrote:
> Are the subprojects built via ExternalProject_Add calls?
> If so, and the default make command contains the "-i" flag, then
> perhaps make will return no error even if there are build errors. And
> if the make does not return an error, then ctest with launchers will
> not report an error. (Whereas without launchers, it will simply scrape
> the output looking for matches to the known set of error regular
> expressions...)
> I'm pretty sure this is the case that we've seen before with a
> subproject-based dashboard using a Super Build ExternalProject
> approach...
> The solution is to either avoid using the launchers for such project
> dashboards, or come up with a way to make "make" return errors when
> there are build errors.
> If I am off base here, perhaps you could give steps to repro so I can
> take a closer look?

I got the same problem on a different project today.
No cdash subprojects, 2 or 3 ExternalProjects and the big main project.

When CTEST_USE_LAUNCHERS is TRUE, the build fails, but the dashboard is green, 
0 build errors, 0 warnings.
The build fails in the main project, not in the ExternalProjects.
This is with cmake 2.8.9.

Strange is that it works without problems for a similar project, which also 
has a few ExternalProjects, and where I didn't find differences in the setup 
or anything yet.

Any tips how to debug what is going wrong ?
I will look further into it next week.

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