[Cdash] Test memory consumption reported on CDash

Olivier Pierard olivier.pierard at cenaero.be
Thu Apr 19 09:54:34 UTC 2012

Thank you Andreas.

I tried it this morning and it works.

Now, I will also have a look at:
- Automatic computation of memory cost with CTest (as done for clock
time); but it seems quite difficult to do it in a portable way;
- Additional columns in CDash for the test list of a given build
(additional columns with 'max. memory status' and 'max. memory').


> Hi Olivier,
> all you need to do is have your test print this line to STDOUT,
> nothing else. In CDash, you will find this information then at the top
> of the test output, next to the default info such as "Execution
> Time(s)", "Command Line", and "Completion Status".
> An example can be found in the TestKernel module of the ITK 4.
> http://itk.org/gitweb?p=ITK.git;a=blob;f=Modules/Core/TestKernel/include/itkTestDriverAfterTest.inc;h=62fdfb6979f4f6b82b6a927b18f07cd102260871;hb=e2705ed801e670c3ecf2572381af413ebfc8cb35
> http://itk.org/gitweb?p=ITK.git;a=blob;f=Modules/Core/TestKernel/include/itkTestDriverInclude.h;h=b166bc31a3cf8d2c6335b93bf690e6025f6b38dc;hb=e2705ed801e670c3ecf2572381af413ebfc8cb35
> Search for "DartMeasurement" in these files and you will see how it is used.
> Andreas
> On Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 11:27 AM, Olivier Pierard
> <olivier.pierard at cenaero.be> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I come back to the report of memory consumption on the CDash as it is a
>> key indicator for our applications.
>> Given that:
>> - In the output of each test, our software give us already the peak
>> memory consumption used during the test (in Linux only - that's the
>> value we would like to report in CDash)
>> - On the mailing list
>> (http://www.cmake.org/pipermail/cmake/2010-April/036574.html), I noticed
>> that following output during execution could add the information in
>> Test.xml file (not tested yet):
>> <DartMeasurement name="memory" type="numeric/double">123</DartMeasurement>
>> Unfortunately, links of examples are not valid anymore.
>> My questions are:
>> 1) If the message is printed in Test.xml file, would these additional
>> results automatically be reported on the CDash (I guess, I'm dreaming)
>> ?  If not, something should/could be modified in CDash source code to do
>> so ?
>> 2) What's the best way to add the 'DartMeasurement' line in the test
>> output (not needed in the distributed version) ?  Use a CMake Variable
>> which add a definition so that output message could be printed from the
>> code ?
>> 3) I guess, the best would be to compute the memory cost directly from
>> CTest so that everyone could use it easily ?  Have you ever tried it (I
>> found nothing on the bug tracker) ?  Do you have already some hints on
>> how to do it ?  Do you know any portable way to do it ?
>> Maybe, I'm completely wrong.  But, as it's an important feature for us,
>> I would be ready to contribute if it's not an huge development.
>> Thanks,
>> Olivier
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