[Cdash] Report of failed time status

Julien Jomier julien.jomier at kitware.com
Wed Jun 29 16:34:22 UTC 2011

Hi Olivier,

> On main dashboard page of the project, only failed test status are
> reported and never due to failed time status.  Given the high number of
> submissions and testcases of our project, this is unmanageable if we
> don't have a quick view of the problem.
> Is this related to 'test time #max failures before flag' in the testing
> configuration tab ? I don't find any documentation about this feature.

Sometimes the time to run a given test can be high due to unexpected and 
unrelated issues (such as machine loads, etc...). The 'test time #max 
failures before flag' variable avoid such peaks by not flagging the test 
as failed if theses peaks are not occurring more than $max times in a row.

> On the other hand, the mean is computed as (from wiki): newMean =
> (1-alpha)*oldMean + alpha*currentTime. Default value for alpha is 0.3
> but I don't know where to modify it (I'm only project administrator, not
> CDash admin). Am I right when saying that all tests in the history are
> taken into account (of course over-weighted for most recent ones) and
> this is not an equally weighted mean ?

The alpha value is hard-coded to 0.3 and cannot be changed for now. You 
are correct that this is not an equally weighted mean but an 
approximated average.

> Finally, in the testing tab of the project configuration, there is a
> 'test time standard deviation' tab. But this is not the standard
> deviation but a multiplier of the standard deviation; Shouldn't it be
> renamed for clarity.

Thanks for the feedback. I've logged a bug report: 


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