[Cdash] about submission of big test, coverage reports

girish hilage girish_hilage at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 28 05:42:33 UTC 2011


   This is to ask about the size of the Coverage, Test report that is submitted to CDASH.

   I am using ctest to compile and test my project and submit the report to CDASH.
   The issue is that, it is not submitting test and coverage reports to CDASH, eventhough the output of ctest shows Test.xml, CoverageLog-*.xml files getting successfully submitted. When I access dashboard through Firefox I see test, coverage columns as blank.

   I even checked into mysql database and it shows no data in tables (test, coverage).

   There are lot of tests that I am executing.
   If I try executing only 1 test then in that case I can see the test report in the dashboard (coverage report is still not visible).

   So, could this be due to any limitation on the size of the data being submitted to CDASH?

   CDASH version I am using is 1.6.4, and ctest version is 2.8.0


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