[Cdash] builds getting submitted to the previous date

girish hilage girish_hilage at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 17 10:17:57 UTC 2011


   This is regarding builds getting submitted to CDASH to the previous date.

   I have installed CDASH and am able to submit Nightly builds properly.
   I have set up a cron job which executes at "00:01:00AM IST" (i.e. 1st minute of the day) every morning.

   But, the issue is, if I check the builds in the browser I find that they are submitted to the previous date.

   If the build executes on "Mon Jan 14 00:01:00 IST 2011"

   then CDASH shows it under "Nightly" section of "Sun Jan 13"
   but correctly shows the time under the column "Build Time" i.e. "2011-01-14T00:19:26 IST".

   Under "ADMINISTRATION-->Project-->Testing" tag I have kept :

   Nightly Start Time: 00:00:00 IST

   Can you please let me know how should I make 'ctest' submit the builds on the same date?


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