[Cdash] strange display issues w/Dashboard

kent williams nkwmailinglists at gmail.com
Fri Sep 17 16:38:14 UTC 2010

Up until yesterday, I was strictly a user of CTest/CDash. Now I'm the
administrator of our local test server:


I'm having a problem with one dashboard, for our BRAINS3 builds:


I don't understand why I'm getting blanks for Error/Warn/Min/Fail/Pass columns.

I can run the Nightly build manually, and see that it is in fact doing
all the steps of the build, and the XML files generated are (as far as
I can tell) valid and contain the sorts of information that should be
showing up.

I posted this to the CMake mailing list, which most of you probably
receive as well, and David Cole said there:

> Can you point us to a sample script used to submit these dashboard results?

I was doing this the most naive way possible: make Nightly

> I've never seen dashboard submissions where the "what version of ctest submitted these results" icon did not show up.

No idea about this. I don't know how to tell what the current cdash
version is either.

> I've also never seen dashboard submissions where the "" appear around the site names and build names.

Not a clue.

> Are you using ctest to submit these results? Or is there a home-grown xml file generator sending them to CDash?
again, I downloaded the CTestConfig.cmake from our Dash server, and
aside from that didn't do anything custom.

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