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Chris Hillery chillery+cmake at lambda.nu
Wed Jun 2 09:49:39 UTC 2010

On Tue, Jun 1, 2010 at 8:52 AM, Tyler Roscoe <tyler at cryptio.net> wrote:

> On Mon, May 31, 2010 at 02:49:56PM +0300, Ahmed FOUDA wrote:
> > I want to create a project that connect to an SVN, run a batch file, get
> the
> > results, and then publish the results to CDash.
> > The problem is that I'm not using CTest, I'm running test cases using
> > (Rational Test Real Time from IBM) and I need to publish the generated
> > report to CDash.
> > Is it possible?
> This wiki doc is a bit out of date, but it should help get you started:
> http://www.itk.org/Wiki/CTest:Using_CTEST_and_CDASH_without_CMAKE
> Theoretically you could use rtrt directly and massage its results into
> an XML format that CDash will understand, but I think a far easier
> solution will be to use CTest for a driver script that runs rtrt for you
> and submits the results to CDash.

I actually have a similar question, so thanks for that information. I was
wondering whether it would make more sense to hand-create XML submissions to
CDash or to use CTest to do it for me.

My question might therefore be more CTest-specific than CDash-specific, but
I'll go ahead and ask it here: We are already using ctest for most testing,
and I have written a number of fairly complex ctest scripts for handling our
nightly tests and a remote-submission frontend for our svn repository (which
executes a build and test cycle before committing changes to svn). The
problem I'm facing at the moment is that there are several places where
ctest's "one test == one program invocation" methodology doesn't work for
us, primarily for performance reasons. I would like to be able to execute a
single program which performs a large number of tests for us, but I would
very much prefer it if those were submitted to CDash as individual tests,
with individual pass/fail status, output, timing information, etc. It would
be truly ideal if individual developers could still run this bulk test using
"ctest", but that's a secondary goal.

Is there any way to do this, or anything like it?

aka Chris Hillery
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