[Cdash] CDash Project Configuration

Tyler Roscoe tyler at cryptio.net
Tue Jun 1 15:52:04 UTC 2010

On Mon, May 31, 2010 at 02:49:56PM +0300, Ahmed FOUDA wrote:
> I want to create a project that connect to an SVN, run a batch file, get the
> results, and then publish the results to CDash.
> The problem is that I'm not using CTest, I'm running test cases using RTRT
> (Rational Test Real Time from IBM) and I need to publish the generated
> report to CDash.
> Is it possible?

This wiki doc is a bit out of date, but it should help get you started:


Theoretically you could use rtrt directly and massage its results into
an XML format that CDash will understand, but I think a far easier
solution will be to use CTest for a driver script that runs rtrt for you
and submits the results to CDash.


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