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David Cole david.cole at kitware.com
Wed Jan 27 15:36:40 UTC 2010

Since this is common, it might be best to put a sort of include guard around
the "include(config.local.php)" line...

Maybe check if the __FILE__ name is config.local.php and don't do it if

Enforcing something in code when possible is frequently a better solution
than simply documenting on wikis or in comments.

2 cents,

On Tue, Jan 26, 2010 at 6:56 PM, Julien Jomier <julien.jomier at kitware.com>wrote:

> Good catch Daniel. I'm going to put a warning on the wiki and in the
> config.php itself (you are not the first one to do this).
> Julien
> On 1/26/2010 6:54 PM, Daniel Bentley wrote:
>> These lines work when inserted before the first include (
>> include("cdash/config.php") ), but I start to get the 'What should
>> Firefox do with this file?' prompt again when inserted after this include.
>> Taking the idea a little further, I inserted the 'This is a test' line
>> at the beginning of config.php, then at the beginning of
>> config.local.php (because I have one).  Each test, install.php would
>> display the echoed 'This is a test' line.
>> So, I took a look at my config.local.php file...
>> It would appear the culprit was that when I had copied config.php to
>> config.local.php for editing, I did NOT remove the '/** DO NOT EDIT
>> AFTER THIS LINE */' portion at the end of the file.  Commented out this
>> portion, and I'm now looking at the CDash Installation screen.
>> Looks like it was basically an include() loop.  Interesting that PHP
>> wouldn't throw an error notification when coming across a loop like this.
>> -Daniel
>> Julien Jomier wrote:
>>> Strange. Could you try to put these two lines:
>>>   echo "This is a test";
>>>   exit();
>>> at the beginning of the install.php file, try to access it through your
>>> web browser and see if you get the text displayed. If that works, try to
>>> move the two lines at line 31 and then after each include. If all of
>>> these work, try to move the two lines at line 272 (before generate_XSLT).
>>> let us know,
>>> Julien
>>> On 1/26/2010 6:04 PM, Daniel Bentley wrote:
>>>> Checked that libapache2-mod-php5 in installed (it is) and working (as
>>>> evidenced in my php test pages).
>>>> I installed phpmyadmin (though I'm more a CLI guy), and phpMyAdmin works
>>>> as expected.  Trying CDash after installing phpMyAdmin, gives me the
>>>> same problems as before.
>>>> And yes, in the output of phpinfo() there are sections for curl, gd,
>>>> mysql, and xsl, all of which show as 'enabled'.
>>>> -Daniel
>>>> Julien Jomier wrote:
>>>>> Hi Daniel,
>>>>> Could you check that the following package is correctly installed:
>>>>>    libapache2-mod-php5
>>>>> Could you also try to install phpmyadmin (or phppgadmin depending on
>>>>> the
>>>>> database you plan to use) and see if one of these packages work.
>>>>> Julien
>>>>> On 1/26/2010 4:49 PM, Daniel Bentley wrote:
>>>>>> Trying http://server/CDash/install.php results in the same as other
>>>>>> .php
>>>>>> files from CDash, I am prompted 'What should Firefox do with this
>>>>>> file?'
>>>>>> as before.  As before, downloading the file when prompted by Firefox
>>>>>> results in a 0 byte file.  Other test PHP code in the CDash
>>>>>> directory (a
>>>>>> phpinfo() test page), with the same file permissions, still works
>>>>>> fine.
>>>>>> http://server/CDash/images/Alert.gif displays an image as expected.
>>>>>> There are no redirects in my Apache configuration.  Speaking of Apache
>>>>>> configs, are there any particular 'Options' I should explicitly
>>>>>> have/not
>>>>>> have for the<Directory>    statement where CDash is located?
>>>>>> -Daniel
>>>>>> Julien Jomier wrote:
>>>>>>> Could you try to go to http://yourserver/CDash/install.php? CDash
>>>>>>> automatically redirects to the install page, maybe something is
>>>>>>> going on
>>>>>>> in that case.
>>>>>>> Also, could your try to get an image in the image directory to see if
>>>>>>> you can access it: http://yourserver/CDash/images/Alert.gif
>>>>>>> Finally, do you have any redirect in your apache configuration?
>>>>>>> Julien
>>>>>>> On 1/26/2010 12:11 AM, Daniel Bentley wrote:
>>>>>>>> php5-xsl was installed via apt-get at the beginning of the
>>>>>>>> installation
>>>>>>>> process (as a pre-req).
>>>>>>>> Nothing shows up in the configured Apache error.log files.  The
>>>>>>>> access.log file shows a simple: "GET /CDash HTTP/1.1" 301
>>>>>>>> -which would indicate a redirection.  This access.log entry is for a
>>>>>>>> request for /CDash, which Apache handles the redirection to /CDash/.
>>>>>>>> Requests to /CDash/ (showing up as a blank page, but no browser
>>>>>>>> errors)
>>>>>>>> don't show up in access.log or error.log, nor do requests for
>>>>>>>> specific
>>>>>>>> files (ie. index.php or login.php) show up in the log files (but
>>>>>>>> they
>>>>>>>> still produce the 'What would you like Firefox to do with this
>>>>>>>> file?'
>>>>>>>> prompt).  Attempts to save the file when prompted, result in 0 byte
>>>>>>>> files.
>>>>>>>> My PHP test file (with phpinfo() request that works as expected)
>>>>>>>> resides
>>>>>>>> in the same directory as CDash, with the same file permissions.
>>>>>>>> -Daniel
>>>>>>>> Julien Jomier wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Hi Daniel,
>>>>>>>>> Could you check if you have the XSLT package for PHP installed? I
>>>>>>>>> think
>>>>>>>>> it's php5-xsl for ubuntu. The XSLT does the translation of the XSL
>>>>>>>>> template and ultimately generates the HTML pages so that might be
>>>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>>>> issue.
>>>>>>>>> Also, did you check the apache/php error logs, maybe you can dig up
>>>>>>>>> some
>>>>>>>>> hints from the file? they should be in /var/logs/apache2/error.log.
>>>>>>>>> Let us know,
>>>>>>>>> Julien
>>>>>>>>> On 1/25/2010 10:58 PM, Daniel Bentley wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> This one has been bugging the heck out of me, but I haven't found
>>>>>>>>>> a
>>>>>>>>>> solution for it yet.
>>>>>>>>>> This is an install on Ubuntu 9.10.  I have Apache set up so that
>>>>>>>>>> http
>>>>>>>>>> (port 80) and https (port 443) point to the same document root,
>>>>>>>>>> under
>>>>>>>>>> which is the directory CDash with the installation.
>>>>>>>>>> I can verify that PHP is working correctly, by creating a test.php
>>>>>>>>>> with
>>>>>>>>>> phpinfo() is this directory.  It displays the information as
>>>>>>>>>> expected.
>>>>>>>>>> However, when I try going to
>>>>>>>>>> http://mymachine.mydomain.tld/CDash/ (or
>>>>>>>>>> https://), my browser thinks about it for a few moments, then
>>>>>>>>>> delivers a
>>>>>>>>>> blank page (blank even in source).  If I try to access a page
>>>>>>>>>> directly
>>>>>>>>>> (ie. index.php), I get a 'What should Firefox do with this file?'
>>>>>>>>>> dialog
>>>>>>>>>> prompt.  Even when saving the file this way, the resulting file is
>>>>>>>>>> still
>>>>>>>>>> blank.
>>>>>>>>>> Usually the 'What should Firefox do with this file?' response
>>>>>>>>>> comes
>>>>>>>>>> from
>>>>>>>>>> an incorrect/missing PHP configuration at the Apache level that
>>>>>>>>>> affects
>>>>>>>>>> ALL PHP.  But this behavior I'm getting, has PHP working with some
>>>>>>>>>> pages
>>>>>>>>>> (the phpinfo() test page), but not CDash.  Any ideas on why this
>>>>>>>>>> might
>>>>>>>>>> be?
>>>>>>>>>> -Daniel
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