[Cdash] Test.xml submitted but not on dashboard + minor problems

Julien Jomier julien.jomier at kitware.com
Thu Feb 11 13:02:49 UTC 2010

Hi Olivier,

Feel free to send all the questions you have on the mailing list :)

> 1) Test.xml submitted but not reported on dashboard
> Once back to the dashboard, I see the relevant entry, the configure and
> build warnings but nothing about the tests (empty boxes, not even '0')
> !!!  These were well run, Test.xml file seems logical, so I'm really
> lost on this issue.

It is probably due to the size of the Text.xml file and your CDash not 
having enough memory to process the file. Can you try to increase the 
maximum configuration values in the php.ini (and restart your web server).


> 2) CMake dashboard has very nice build warning/error reporting (e.g.:
> http://www.cdash.org/CDash/viewBuildError.php?type=1&buildid=536862)
> with cvs/cvn, source file, command, directory, exit condition, std
> output, std error.
> On my side, I've only cvs/svn, build log line, warning.
> Given the fact that this structure is already stored in the xml file, I
> guess it is related to CTest.  I tried moving CMake 2.6->CTest 2.8, but
> nothing changed.  I noticed that you use ctest-2.9.20100210; is this
> difference related to that upgrade ?

We have switched to a different reporting (and data structure) for build 
errors and warnings. You would need a recent CMake (I think 2.8 should 
do the trick) and there is a magic CTest option for this new reporting. 
Dave Cole (in CC) can probably help with this.

> 3) We use ViewVC 1.1 with CDash 1.6.  In Project
> configuration/Repository, I've to add the 'trunk' or
> 'branches/branch_name' for correct file visualization.  Problems arise
> if testing several branches, we cannot visualize files in both
> branches.  Is there a way to determine file paths automatically (e.g.:
> those in build warnings) according to the branch they belong (this info
> can be obtained from svn info) ?

This is a very good point that we haven't had a chance to implement in 
CDash. There is a bug report that we will try to address in the next 
release. It would probably will have to include some CTest modifications 
as well in order to know the repository branch.



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