[Cdash] Dashboard view only shows last build with APPEND, but build page shows both

O'Shea, David OShea.D at emsglobaltracking.com
Fri Aug 20 04:06:03 UTC 2010

Hi David,


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	On Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 1:44 AM, O'Shea, David
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		Hi David,
		Thanks, we have installed the latest version from
Subversion but the issue doesn't appear to have been fixed - I still see
the same behaviour as before.
		By the way, I assume the fix you're referring to is
revision 2579/issue #10975?
		As you can see from the comments in the CTest script
snippet my original post, I tried various combinations of "APPEND"
options.  I've tried a few of them again.  What exactly is actually the
"correct" way of doing this?  Should the following work?
		ctest_configure(OPTIONS [...])
		ctest_build(TARGET "doc"
		ctest_submit(PARTS Build)

	Yes. I think this should work exactly as you've written it. If
it does not, we should add a test to the CDash test suite and verify
that errors and warnings from the two build steps accumulate rather than
wipe each other out.
	I would try using "APPEND" in the first ctest_build call, too,
but I don't think that should have an effect. It should work as is. 

I 'm pretty certain I tried that in amongst all the other combinations!

	I'm assuming you're using up to date ctest... 2.8.2? 

$ /c/Program\ Files/CMake\ 2.8/bin/ctest --version
ctest version 2.8.2

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