[Cdash] Dashboard view only shows last build with APPEND, but build page shows both

O'Shea, David OShea.D at emsglobaltracking.com
Fri Aug 13 04:42:49 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I'm using 'ctest -S' to run a script which performs configure, build
('make all'), test, coverage, and then an additional build ('make
doc'), and submitting the result to CDash 1.6.4.

Here is what I think is the "interesting" part of the script:

ctest_configure(OPTIONS [...])
# tried with and without "APPEND" in ctest_build() above



ctest_start("Experimental" APPEND)
# tried with and without the additional call to ctest_start() above
ctest_build(TARGET "doc"
ctest_submit(PARTS Build)

For the purposes of my test, I've made the first ctest_build() report
1 warning plus 2 errors, and the second ctest_build() report 4

The issue I'm having is that, after the first ctest_submit(), the main
dashboard page in CDash shows in the "Build" columns the warnings and
errors from the first ctest_build() (1 warning plus 2 errors), but
once the second ctest_submit() has been executed, only the results of
the second ctest_build() are shown (0 errors and 4 warnings).

When I click on the build name in the "Build Name" column to see the
details of the build, in the "Current Build" table, it shows the total
errors (2) and warnings (5), which is what I'd expect to see on the
main dashboard page.

I assume this is a bug, and not by design?

As a workaround, I would have liked to have been able to use
ctest_build() to build both targets at once, but from the
documentation it seems this is not possible, and I can't make a CMake
target which depends on both "doc" and "all" either.  The only option
I can see then is to have CMakeLists.txt optionally make "all" depend
on "doc" (I don't want to do this all the time, so would need to pass
this in as an option via ctest_configure()).  Any other suggestions
are welcome!

Thanks in advance,

David O'Shea
Senior Engineer
EMS SATCOM Pacific Pty Ltd.

OShea.D at emsglobaltracking.com
T: +61 8 8260 8187

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