[Cdash] Cdash: Configuration Error/Warning

Mathieu Malaterre mathieu.malaterre at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 15:24:58 UTC 2009

[sorry for cross post]

On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 5:22 PM, Julien Jomier<julien.jomier at kitware.com> wrote:
> That's a very good point Jeff, yes it is still case sensitive.

I guess someone should point that out to cmake dev :)

$ grep -i warni * | grep -v Warning:
AddExternalProject.cmake:        message(AUTHOR_WARNING "unknown ${f}
keyword: ${key}")
AddExternalProject.cmake:      message(AUTHOR_WARNING "value with no
keyword in ${f}")
BundleUtilities.cmake:          message(STATUS "warning: *NOT* handled
- .app directory case...")
BundleUtilities.cmake:        message(STATUS "warning: *NOT* handled -
directory but not .app case...")
BundleUtilities.cmake:          message(STATUS "warning: *NOT* handled
- executable file case...")
BundleUtilities.cmake:        message(STATUS "warning: *NOT* handled -
not .app dir, not executable file...")
BundleUtilities.cmake:    message(STATUS "warning: *NOT* handled -
directory/file does not exist...")
BundleUtilities.cmake:    #message("warning: item key '${key}' already
in the list, subsequent references assumed identical to first")
BundleUtilities.cmake:    message(STATUS "warning: resolved_item ==
resolved_embedded_item - not copying...")
BundleUtilities.cmake:      message("warning: unexpected reference to '${pr}'")
CMakeImportBuildSettings.cmake:    # WARNING: Do not use this variable
with C++ compiler with incompatible ABI
CPack.cmake:    MESSAGE("CPack warning: both CPACK_COMPONENTS_ALL and
CPACK_MONOLITHIC_INSTALL have been set.\nDefaulting to a monolithic
CPackRPM.cmake:# to shut down warning about space in buildtree
Dart.cmake:  OPTION(DART_BUILD_WARNING_REPORT_LIMIT "Limit of reported
warnings, -1 reports all." -1 )
DartConfiguration.tcl.in:# warning, if you add new options here that
have to do with submit,
ExternalProject.cmake:          message(AUTHOR_WARNING "unknown ${f}
keyword: ${arg}")
ExternalProject.cmake:        message(AUTHOR_WARNING "value '${arg}'
with no previous keyword in ${f}")
FindKDE3.cmake:#SET(CMAKE_SHARED_LINKER_FLAGS "-Wl,--fatal-warnings
-avoid-version -Wl,--no-undefined -lc")
FindKDE3.cmake:#SET(CMAKE_MODULE_LINKER_FLAGS "-Wl,--fatal-warnings
-avoid-version -Wl,--no-undefined -lc")
FindQt4.cmake:    MESSAGE(WARNING " querying qmake for ${invar}.
qmake reported:\n${_qmake_query_output}")
FindQt4.cmake:    # warning currently only qconfig.pri on Windows
potentially contains "static"
GetPrerequisites.cmake:      message(STATUS "warning: No 'file'
command, skipping execute_process...")
GetPrerequisites.cmake:    message(STATUS "warning: cannot resolve
item '${item}'")
GetPrerequisites.cmake:    message("warning: target '${target}' is not
GetPrerequisites.cmake:    message("warning: target '${target}' does
not exist...")
GetPrerequisites.cmake:    message(STATUS "warning:
gp_tool='${gp_tool}' is an unknown tool...")
GetPrerequisites.cmake:    message(STATUS "warning: could not find
'${gp_tool}' - cannot analyze prerequisites...")
NSIS.template.in:  !define MUI_ABORTWARNING
UsePkgConfig.cmake:    "WARNING: you are using the obsolete
'PKGCONFIG' macro use FindPkgConfig")


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