[Cdash] Cdash newbie

Julien Jomier julien.jomier at kitware.com
Mon Nov 10 14:42:31 UTC 2008

Alexander.Camek at elektrobit.com wrote:
> That worked now. It now says, there is a build in my Experimental folder.
> Okay, when I do it manually (http://localhost/CDash/submit.php?project=ViProS) with the $contents = file_get_contents("php://input"); activated then the cdash.log claims it can't parse the xml file. But that's okay, because I haven't submit during manualy update any files.
> On the other side if I do it by ctest -D Experimental then I get the terminal output given in my first post.

It seems that the XML is not sent correctly to CDash by CTest. If you 
have curl installed on the client machine (when you run ctest), you can 
try to send the files directly to CDash using:

   curl -T Build.xml http://localhost/CDash/submit.php?project=ViProS

and check what the output is.


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