[Cdash] CDash 1.0 released

Julien Jomier julien.jomier at kitware.com
Mon May 12 18:25:59 UTC 2008

On behalf of myself, Bill, Zack, Ken, Dave and the rest of the CDash
team, we are pleased to announce that CDash 1.0 is available for
download at: http://www.cdash.org/

Documentation on how to upgrade from previous CDash installations is 
available at: http://public.kitware.com/Wiki/CDash:Upgrade

More documentation has been added to the CDash wiki: 

If you have any problems or find any bugs, please report them at

A list of changes for the 1.0 release is included below.


Changes and bug fixes in CDash 1.0

- Detecting timing defects
- Having the number of nightly changes on the main page
- Method to mark compile warnings, compile errors, and test failures 
with "fix in progress" or "fixed"
- Test Results information is incomplete for itk
- Wrong number of dynamic analysis defects
- Support for timestamp in CTest 2.6
- Bad BuildTimeGraph on buildSummary page for continuous build
- Support of different cvs/svn/web viewers
- CVS Link to a version 1.1 file is invalid
- Incorrect timing and detail report on viewTest page
- Previous Build Incorrect
- RSS feed with private project
- Previous build on build summary page
- Warning when backup and rss directory are not writable
- Warning message when browsing coverage
- Warnings when searching for emails on manageProjectRoles page
- Add ability to remove bogus builds
- Project administrator cannot remove an expected build if it is not 
- Add a quick way to upload a cvs/svn user to password file for email 
- PROJECT pulldown under DASHBOARD pulldown
- Sort by any column on the viewTest and testSummary pages
- Fisheye URL support
- Mouse-over build groups
- Project logo hyperlink
- Show Test Time Graph does not toggle in Internet Explorer
- Separate lists of failing tests from list of passing tests
- The test pass/failure history does not include current data
- Displaying test timing on main dashboard in the minutes columns
- Coverage summary total coverage always shown in green
- Support for external authentication

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