[Cdash] CDash email notification

Trevor Kellaway tkellaway at asl-electronics.co.uk
Sat Mar 29 23:05:58 UTC 2008


> I just committed the fix. There is now a $CDASH_SERVER_NAME 
> variable in 
> the config.php. Let me know if that works or not.

This works :)

> >>> 1) The notification email "from" field is empty.
> >> It should use the $CDASH_EMAIL_FROM from the config.php file.
> > 
> > That's what I thought, but the field is empty.
> > 
> This is strange. Let me know what you find.

OK, tracked this down to sendemail.php, changing the
"include_once("config.php");" to "include("config.php");" fixes the

It appears nothing is being pulled in from config.php with include_once
(bizarre), the config globals used are CDASH_EMAIL_FROM and
CDASH_EMAIL_REPLY, hence what I was seeing. I'm using PHP 5.1.2 on SuSE
SLES 10.0.


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