[Cdash] CDash email notification

Bill Hoffman bill.hoffman at kitware.com
Sat Mar 29 20:22:22 UTC 2008

Trevor Kellaway wrote:
> Julien,
>>>>>> 3) viewBuildError.php generates invalid CVS/SVN Trac URLs.
>>>> Looking at the code this seems to only cope with viewcvs.
>>> Let me know if I should look at this one.
>> Hmm, an Experimental build is producing a different result to my
>> Continuous build server. For my Continuous build I'm getting
>> "C:app/appinit.c" in the MySQL 'sourcefile' field, but I 
>> haven't managed
>> to intercept the CTest build.xml yet to check why this is 
>> supplying this
>> managled path (TBC?) with the drive letter still in the front. 
> Looks like this is a bug with CTest (version 2.5-20080225) as the
> submitted build.xml has the "C:app/appinit.c" in it. I suspect this is
> due to the "<text>" field having a Windows styles "C:\...\app\appinit.c"
> style path.

Exactly how are you running ctest? Can you send a small example that 
shows this problem?  Lacking that it may help if you send me the 
build.xml file.


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