[Cdash] CDash email notification

Trevor Kellaway tkellaway at asl-electronics.co.uk
Sat Mar 29 19:41:09 UTC 2008


> >>> 3) viewBuildError.php generates invalid CVS/SVN Trac URLs.
> > 
> > Looking at the code this seems to only cope with viewcvs.
> > 
> Let me know if I should look at this one.

Hmm, an Experimental build is producing a different result to my
Continuous build server. For my Continuous build I'm getting
"C:app/appinit.c" in the MySQL 'sourcefile' field, but I haven't managed
to intercept the CTest build.xml yet to check why this is supplying this
managled path (TBC?) with the drive letter still in the front. 

My local Experimental build supplied "app/appinit.c" (good) but the Trac
diff URL expansion then has a missing slash between directory name and
cvsurl, this is inconsistent with the diff URL. In the project config
one case expects a trailing slash, the other doesn't.

Thanks for the very quick response, I'll report back when I've tried the
latest version.


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