[Cdash] CDash wiki install page

Trevor Kellaway tkellaway at asl-electronics.co.uk
Mon Mar 24 13:11:11 UTC 2008


> CTest is all setup to do this.  Something like this:
>    SET (CTEST_DROP_SITE "my.machine.com")
>    SET (CTEST_DROP_LOCATION "/cgi-bin/HTTPUploadDartFile.cgi")
> "http://${CTEST_DROP_SITE}/cgi-bin/Submit.cgi")

I have a clean version of the script ready for upload to the wiki which
copes with a single project, but I'm trying to workout how to handle
multiple projects on the same server. 

In your python trigger script you are passing the Trigger() function the
project name, where is this coming from?

Do you have a trigger site cgi per project that calls Trigger()?


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