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Bill Hoffman bill.hoffman at kitware.com
Sun Mar 23 12:46:45 UTC 2008

Trevor Kellaway wrote:
> Bill,
>> CTest is all setup to do this.  Something like this:
>>    SET (CTEST_DROP_SITE "my.machine.com")
>>    SET (CTEST_DROP_LOCATION "/cgi-bin/HTTPUploadDartFile.cgi")
>> "http://${CTEST_DROP_SITE}/cgi-bin/Submit.cgi")
>> Where Submit.cgi is your python script.   The python script 
>> will need to 
>> do the following:
>> 1. read the file that was dropped by ctest
>> 2. send the file contents to Dart2 via xmlrpc
>> 3. send the file to CDash with an http put
>> 4. remove the file
> I have steps 1,2 and 4 working, but it's step 3 I'm stuck on as there
> aren't any examples of how to do this (I know this is probably basic
> stuff again, but I haven't dabbled with cgi/http stuff in Python
> before).
> -Trev

OK, I forgot to send the put.py in the last attachment.   I have 
attached it now.

Here is the code to use it (was in the first TriggerSite.py script I sent:

     import put
     f = open(fullPathToDestinationXMLFile, 'rb')
     put.putfile(f, 'http://ij.itk.org/CDash/submit.php?project=' + project)

This put will only work with appache2 has it uses chunked 
transmission...  If you are not using apache2 I have a different version 
of the put that should work with an older version of apache.  I don't 
have here at home.  I will send it Monday.


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